How we make the magic!

Each build process is unique and tailored to the customer’s requirements. For our premium products, we use original panels and accessories that are either new old stock, used or pattern parts. When we have to use used parts, we source them individually from all over the world and repair, refurbish and prepare them exactly as we would for a classic restoration. This part of the process is like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle, which can take many months. The finished product is as close to the original as possible and completely individual, a truly unique “one-off” piece of art. 

Constructing a fiberglass replica is a meticulous process that takes a long time. First, the original is hand-built from scratch using used, original or new old stock parts. In some cases, new pattern panels are also used. The steel original is prepared and painted and only then can we begin the process of manufacturing a mould. This involves making a strong, reusable fibreglass “negative” of the original into which a copy of the original can be produced. 

Although the moulds are made extremely strong, they can only be used a limited number of times before they become worn out and then process starts all over again. This makes our premium products even more expensive as an original has to be kept back to ensure future moulds can be produced as required. Once we have a finished mould, we can produce a small run of fibreglass replicas. However, to ensure that the product looks as stunning and authentic as our premium products, we still need original or pattern parts. Components like grills and headlights are too detailed to be copied in fiberglass and so need to be installed afterwards. 

Regardless of the finished product, we follow the same paint process as we would for a concours restoration. This involves surface preparation, priming, multiple color coats and top coats, and then polishing to obtain the stunning results achieved.  Finally, we install the mounting hardware and lighting. Before dispatching, we carry out an extensive quality inspection to ensure it arrives just as an original car would have done when leaving the factory.

Because every product is hand-built from scratch, the possibilities for customization are limitless. We can create any color scheme you desire, add pin striping, race numbers, logos and even offer options for personalized number plates and LED lighting.

If you would like to see our products up close and personal, you should check out our diary for upcoming events and shows where we will be exhibiting. If you would like hear what some of our customers have to say, click on the reviews link. For any questions, please use the contact button, thank you for stopping by!